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Our Solutions

Voice solutions

DT offers a wide range of international wholesale voice services based on a state-of-art infrastructure which includes international nodes, an extensive international capacity network and direct interconnections worldwide.

Our portfolio for Voice Solutions


  • Premium/Standard Voice Hubbing
    Voice Hubbing Services provide global routing solutions for carrier's overflow traffic. It is a low cost alternative where your traffic will be delivered to the specified destination correspondents via Djibouti Telecom’s bilateral facilities. With our reliable transit services, you will enjoy worldwide access to countries beyond your reach at competitive prices via quality routes

Customer benefits
Basic voice delivery service. Competitive market cost of delivery. Global coverage with access to more than 100 international destinations. Efficient fault escalation service. Suitable for wholesale/hubbing traffic.


  • Worldwide Voice Termination
    Voice termination service has been created to meet customer requirements for high quality voice termination worldwide, and especially for operators who require advanced features.

Customer benefits
 International fixed & mobile voice traffic terminated via direct links and carefully selected quality suppliers More than 100s countries via bilateral and direct routes with carefully selected suppliers Competitive and stable pricing


  • Roaming
    DT roaming service provides mobile operators with the international network signalling infrastructure needed for carrying their mobile roaming worldwide. 

Customer benefits
Cost-effective global coverage through a single connection, eliminating the complexities of establishing and maintaining numerous bilateral links with roaming partners. Congestion-free network with the use of dedicated signalling links for roaming signalling traffic, totally separate from voice related signalling links

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