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Our Solutions

Data & IP Solutions

Djibouti Telecom IP Transit service is designed to provide carriers and ISPs a complete Internet Transit solution that reaches Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA or any content-based destination.

Our Portfolio for Data & IP Services

  • IPLC
    International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is a reliable, point-to-point network service for carriers and service providers. The IPLC solution supports a wide range of bandwidth options and interfaces, from E-1 to STM-64. IPLC solutions provide high quality, cost-effective and efficient communications in a secure private network.

  • SMS Termination
    SMS Termination allows customers to deliver Mobile Terminated Messages with text and content, to a wide range of operators worldwide. Equally customers are able to receive SMS generated by any individual mobile subscriber, towards dedicated long numbers.

  • Internet Transit (IP Nodes)
    Djibouti Telecom wholesale IP Transit Services provides high performance at both international as well as regional IP transit. DT has extensive connectivity through various agreements with Top Tier 1 carriers.

Tier One IP Nodes in Djibouti
In partnership with Telecom Italia Sparkle and Level 3 Communications, two IP Nodes have been established for the development of IP services in East and South Africa. Through these fully protected IP hubbing nodes in Djibouti, Djibouti Telecom brings the internet thousands of miles closer to East and South African customers. In addition, customers will benefit from the additional advantage of exchanging their intra-regional traffic directly in Djibouti, instantly improving performance by saving hundreds of milliseconds with respect to any other European IP hub'.


Content Acceleration Network
In partnership with Google and Level 3 Communications, Djibouti Telecom implemented Google Global Cache and Level 3 CDN Caching.

  • Google Global Cache
    Each request for Google content, such as You Tube video or map-tiles, results in a unique copy send to the end user. Google Global Cache allows a large portion of these requests to be served from a small node located inside Djibouti Telecom’s network serving regional users. Performance is significantly improved for proxied connections over high latency links (20%)


  • Level 3 CDN Cache
    As one of the first major content delivery service providers in the industry, and the only one with its own global Tier 1 IP network, Level 3 has over 10 years of experience delivering high-quality content, sites and online events for companies worldwide. The Level 3 CDN Cache located inside Djibouti Telecom network will: Deliver superior digital content, even during peak loads. End users can experience reliable and fast-loading access to all digital contents regardless of file size, media type or location.
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