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Our Network

Submarine cables



  • Operational since 2000
  • Longest system in the world
  • Current capacity of 560Gbps
  • SMW3 lands in 39 points in 33 countries


  • Operational since 2009
  • System length of 17 000Km
  • Design capacity of 1.28Tbps
  • Seacom spans from South Africa to Djibouti and onward to the rest of the world via UK and India.

EASSY (East Africa Submarine System)

  • Operational since 2009
  • System length of 9 900Km
  • Design capacity of 2.56Tbps
  • EASSY covers East Africa countries from Sudan to South Africa
  • EASSY lands in 8 points through 8 countries

EIG (Europe India Gateway)

  • Operational since 2010
  • System length of 15 000Km
  • Design capacity of 3.84Tbps
  • EIG lands in 14 points among 12 countries


  • AD is a 269 Km repeater-less submarine cable system between Djibouti landing station and Aden in Yemen. Using SDH/PDH technologies it is fully capable of delivering full end-to-end connectivity. Termination equipments are fully redundant.




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